Avalon pipeline now includes: AVN944.

Avalon pipeline now includes: AVN944, a potential best – in-class IMPDH inhibitor now in Phase I clinical trials for hematological malignancies, beta-catenin and aurora pathways inhibitor optimized optimization in the final stage of the front-runner., a program for discovery of modulators of survivin function and now the new discovery program surrounding MYC Avalon the depth and width of the pipeline gives the company the partners in these programs selective and / or partners in these programs.

‘The MYC pathway as a critical but elusive pathway for cancer therapeutics is recognized,’said Carmen Allegra, a founding member the Clinical Advisory Board Avalon. ‘. MYC been known for years, a central role in cell proliferation and cancer survival, but it was not accessible to conventional approaches to drug discovery A drug targeting MYC action would be potentially very useful in treating a variety of human cancers. ‘.The report is be obtained by contacting Decision Resources. Members of the media interviewed an interview with an analyst.

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