The survey was conducted by international market research firm TNS.

The survey was conducted by international market research firm TNS, over the period, 01-03 July 2005, and included 1,001 respondents – 500 male/501 female; urban/307 694 non-urban, 16-34 years , 35 – 49 years , 50-64 years and over 65 .

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Named for the former long-time Radiologic Technology editor of Jean I. Widger Widger the award annually detects the very best peer-reviewed research published in the journal. This year’s winning articles discusses the findings of a study conducted to assess the prevalence of the magic angle effect, an artifact of has found in to to evaluate to the MRI the supraspinatus tendon.. The American Society of Radiologic Technologists the winner of two Distinctions for peer-reviewed journal articles – that Jean I. Widger Distinguished Author Award used for radiological equipment and Harold Silverman, Radiation Therapist Distinguished Author Awards.