And a lack of interpersonal skills.

But the Autism ResponseThe similarities between her son’s behavior and the teenager – the social na vet? and a lack of interpersonal skills, laugh at the wrong time – it was looking for an expert in New York City.In the years before his diagnosis, says Lois Ross, Jason’s mother, his confused state each medical experts saw. We said for a while he had schizophrenia, was, she says. She would say, You know hear voices? And he said that it took three or four years, that the question was received, ‘Is it in your head, or is there other people on the streets? ..

Click the OnCall+ Autism Center visits and answers from top autism expertsIn Barbara Ahrens ‘ case, she was not expecting a life changing come revelation when she took a trip with her toddler on the local children’s entertainment franchises Discovery Zone.‘Nobody knew if necessary a separate calculation pace, nonprofit organization to integrate individual attributes of objects, and if yes takes, how long it might, ‘said Bodel s? ‘The fact that it takes time to perform order reliable mechanism combination of color and orientation in the existence of of a separate integrated. Now start to now begin to different hypotheses on the nature for testing of this mechanism, ‘she adds.